Conqueror Offgrid UEV-440/490 OEM FOX 2.0 Performace Series Shock


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Fox Racing Shox 2.0 Performance Series IFP smooth body shocks deliver race-dominating performance in a hassle-free bolt-on package. Their heat-reducing design includes a metal-impacted aluminum shock body that dissipates heat faster than conventional steel. Inside, the Internal Floating Piston (IFP) separates the shock oil from a high-pressure nitrogen gas chamber, providing a predicable ride quality capable of handling the roughest road conditions. Combine these new technologies by Fox Racing Shox, together with a competitive price—and you have a winning combination!

Tech specs of 2.0 Performance Series IFP smooth body shocks:

* Aluminum shock body dissipates heat, will resist rust over time
* Clear-anodized for a durable finish
* Application-specific valving to maximize off-road performance
* Components: black anodized billet aluminum
* Shaft: hard chrome plated heat-treated alloy steel
* Race-developed high-flow piston design
* Quiet nitrile rubber bushings for increased suspension articulation
* Redundant sealing pack system main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal
* JM92 advanced suspension fluid for improved performance at variable temperatures

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