RIEJU – MR Ranger – MR Ranger 200

Rieju realizes that not everyone who rides is a serious racer. There are a lot of people out there don�t need every gizmo, gadget, and gimmick that money can buy; instead, they just want a simple, well-performing trail bike. The new MR RANGER 200 is exactly what the doctor ordered. Rieju kept all the ingredients for a solid Enduro platform � robust 2-stroke powerplant, supple suspension, and a well-mannered chassis. Then they made it a bit lower so it is easier for the rider to touch the ground. Finally, they altered the tuning of the motor to make the power delivery more user friendly. The MR RANGER 200 is the perfect affordable, two-stroke trail bike for the masses. Homologated and Fully Road Registerable in Australia.