Smarttek 4.3 Litre Per Minute Pump


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Smarttek 4.3 Litre Per Minute Pump

The Smarttek 4.3 Litres Per Minute Diaphragm Pump operates off the power of a 12 volt power source (car battery). The pump will draw water from up to 3 metres and will push water up to 10 metres away making this a great camping pump.

Simple and easy to use with an anti dry run through, which means if your bucket runs out of water you will not damage your pump. It is also self priming which means when your ready to use your pump just simply put your hose into the water source and it will automatically start pumping your water.

Great for pumping water out of a bucket, dam, river, creek or stream.

Comes complete with a 2.5 metre wiring harness with SAE water proof quick connects with on/off switch as well as 2 alligator clamps which enables it to be connected to a power source / battery.

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